About Bozburun

About Bozburun
“Bozburun is a heaven on earth. It is like southern France but not that chic. It’s like the Greek Islands but your heart is filled with warmer feelings. It is like southern Italy but its climate and the sentiment is not that harsh but milder and more pleasant. The sea in renown Adaboğazı is like in the the Carribean but not that wild” (psykhe)
The Bozburun peninsula is named after this enchanting and quiet seaside town where any visitor likes to come back over and over… Bozburun is accross the Greek island Symi, located at the heart of the peninsula. Bozburun means “bare point”, so as its name suggests, it is very poor in terms of greenery compared to the surrounding villages. But it is this “bareness” that gives the place its special aura. To watch the sunset and the moon rise in this little hidden paradise is divine.
The center of town is situated at one of the best protected bays of the Symi Gulf. It has small but well equiped hotels, pensions, good fish retaurants. The main source of livelihood in Bozburun until recent past was fishing, sponge diving and livestock but today the town has good tourism potential.
About Gulets
Bozburun is the place where big wooden pleasure boats called “gulets” are built. This is the type of boat which the Italians called “Goletta” and the Greeks called “Schooner”. The first Turkish examples of these gulets were built in Bodrum in 1958. In 1960’s, carpenters in Bozburun joined the race and in good time the construction of gulets became the most important line of business in this town. 50+ meter wooden boats are skillfully built here. 
Hiking trails
Three different hiking trails can be suggested for those who want to have long walks in Bozburun. The first one is a pleasant walk to the Germe Bay overlooking the Hisarönü Gulf. This is a little cove where the local fishermen keep their fishing boats. The second trail is known as “the Roman Road”. The third suggestion would be an up-hill climbing to Adatepe. It has a staggering view. Best photos can be taken here.
Must do
  • Swim at Ada Boğazı, see the ancient ruins there. - Walk either the Roman Road or the Germe Road. –Take a boat trip. – Watch the sunset and the moon rise. - Swimming at night is an extraordinary experience in Bozburun; phosphorescence covers your body and soul…     

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