Bayır Village (Syrna)

Bayır Village (Syrna)Bayır in the heart of Bozburun peninsula, is a mountain village away from the sea, surrounded by pine forests. It was half-way on the Bozburun-Söğüt-Marmaris road and was a steady stop for buses and cars before. But after the bus route has changed it is now a favorite stop for jeep safaris. The plane tree in the center of town is said to be over 2000 years old. It is recommended that you stop here and have a coffe, tea or ayran or food if you like under this ancient tree. The ice cold spring water that runs constantly will freshen you up in a hot summer day.

Bayır is said to have founded on the antique town of Syrna. In its early days, it is believed to have a temple made in the name of the health god Asklepios. Nothing is left from the temple to this day. The acropolis of Syrna is situated on the Yancağız Hill 2 kilometers northwest of the village. It is a half an hour walk to the acropolis from the center of Bayır. Part of city walls, tomb stones and remains of dwellings can be seen.

Must do…
Touch the 2000 years old plane tree, and have drink under its shade. – Go for a walk. – Visit Çiftlik Bay
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