BozukkaleIf you want to reach Bozukkale (Loryma) by road, you have to drive from Söğüt to Taşlıca and then walk the rest. The blue voyage boats definitely stop here. Loryma was the center of mainland possesions of Rhodes back in the 10th century, but we do not have much information about it. On the hill there is a rectangular fortress with nine towers. It is well preserved, but the name “bozuk” might be coming from the fact that one wall of the fortress is missing. Its position gives the idea that it was once a defence unit in the Parea of Rhodes. The acropolis surrounded by walls contains three big cisterns and the ruin of only one dwelling. So it suggests us that the place was used as a shelter in case of danger. In the Byzantine period, the antique Loryma was used as a naval base and an armory. Three churches and quite a few houses were built on the terraces in this period.
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