Hisarönü (Castabus/Erine)

Hisarönü (Castabus/Erine)When you see the Hisarönü sign on the Marmaris-Datça road, then you are alredy in the Bozburun Peninsula. Hisarönü is situated at the very end of the bay which is named after. It’s breezy moisture-free air is said to be very good for asthma patients and those with heart diseases. For those who enjoy water sports, it is the best surfing ground in Marmaris area. Boat trips are organised from Hisarönü to surrounding bays, like Bencik, Inbükü Bay, Kartal Bay, and Tavşan Island. One of the three equestrian areas in Marmara region is in Hisarönü. One can learn how to ride a horse as well as take riding tours in the forest and by the shore.
Between the village and the Mount Eren there is a flat area called Pazarlık which hosted the temple town of Castabus in the old days. The ruins are from the Hemithea Temple named after the woman called Molpadia who came along with the Sicilian historian Diodoros Apollon to the area. She was believed to be a half-goddess and worshipped. A temple was erected to her name. Castabus town was part of the kingdom of Bybassos.
Must Do…
Surf in the Hisarönü Bay. Join the horse safaris. Take a boat tour around.

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