Orhaniye / Kızkumu Beach

Orhaniye / Kızkumu BeachGoing from Hisarönü to Bozburun, you pass through Orhaniye, known with its legendary “Girl Sand Beach”. Covered with thick pine forests, the natural harbour of Orhaniye has been the yachtmen’s paradise for a long time. You will be surprised to see people walking over the sea when you pass by. This sand bank, formed by the tides and waves over the years divides the sea into two parts and offers the visitors an exceptional experience of walking over the sea. According to the legend, the beautiful daughter of the King of Bybassos, gathered sand in her skirt while she was trying to run away from the pirates. She was running towards the sea while spattering the sand but the sand was not enough so in the end she drowned.
There is a little island in the middle of the bay covered with the remains of a fortress which is thought to be part of the ancient city of Bybassos. One can row to the island and see the ruins, the view is outstanding.
Must Do…
Walk on the Girl’s Sand Beach. – Take a boat tour around the bays.

Orhaniye Kız kumu Bozburun

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