Selimiye (Hydas)

Selimiye (Hydas) "Away from the chaos, in eternal serenity”
The nearest settlement to Bozburun on the peninsula is Selimiye. Selimiye’s internal bay opens to Hisarönü Gulf in the north and is covered by pine trees. In this sense these two towns are like back to back lying opposite twins. In terms of vegetation, sun rise, sunset and even the apparent wind effect, they are different..
Selimiye was called Hydas in the ancient days. One can see the ruins of this ancient civilization here and there scattered around the town. There are the ruins of three fortresses, one at the highest hill of Selimiye, the other on Sarıkaya Hill and the third one is the Aşarkale in Kızılyer. The other ruins like the lighthouse, church and antique theater lie about hundred meters from the shore.
Selimiye is a naturally protected harbour. It is a tourist attraction with its clear water, fresh and abundant variety of fish. Beekeeping, almonds, fishing and livestock are the main sources of livelihood other than tourism in Selimiye.
Must do…
Taste the fresh sea food variations – Take a boat trip – See the ruins – Visit “ Sığ Liman” for a pleasant swim – Do try to catch fish yourself.

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