Söğüt (Saranda)

Söğüt (Saranda) “Spectacular sunset glitters on the Mediterranean waves”
Söğüt and Taşlıca are two towns situated on the southern most tip of the Peninsula. These two towns can be reached through either Bozburun or Bayır. Although Söğüt’s village center is situated 3 kilometers away from the sea, Cumhuriyet district, known as “Saranda” with its old Greek name has become the center of attraction. The breathtaking panaromic view, the fresh sea air, boutique hotels and pensions reasonably priced sea food restaurants at the water front, deservedly became a must stop for vacationers. There are quite a few people who have managed to rent or build houses there and became permanent residents.
One kilometer southwest of Söğüt, lies the antique Thyssanos town’s ruins. Since no excavation has started yet, one can only see a few pieces of walls and foundation traces of old houses. Tymnus is also a nearby ancient town where religious cults of Zeus and Hera were said to be found.
Must do…
Go for walks. Watch the sunset. Eat fish in Saranda.

Bozburun Söğüt

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